Monday, September 15, 2008

The Edges Of The Plates!

So today we learned about the edges of the plates. Boring, not, see without all this movement we mite still be in the posision of Pangaea, the form scinctists beleive the contonets were in millions of years ago. The different ways each plate moves can be catigorized. There are the divergen boundrys wich are when the plates move apart, the convergent boundrys, when the plates push together, and the transform boundry wich is when they scrape on the others side.


Mr. Sherman's Science Class said...

That was a great comment but you spelt scientists wrong and it does not have much detail about what we did, and talked about what we learned


Mr. Sherman's Science Class said...

I think that was great,
but I think I would have added some information about the voacabulary. Also just a little more information in general.


Mr. Sherman's Science Class said...

I thought that learning about the earth is fun. But you should of added some more info and the reoson we have pangea is because of thoses boring plates.


Mr. Sherman's Science Class said...

Pretty good post!

Although you didn't sign your "name" so we know who posted. Also there were a couple of mispellings like "boundarys" is spelled boundaries, and "Pangaea" is spelled Pangea. What I would recommend doing next time is looking back over the post after you had finished.

But other than that it was a very informational post! Great job.

Also does anybody remember what the rift valley is?


Mr. Sherman's Science Class said...

Hey all...Cool Teacher Dude here! It was a pretty good post, no doubt. It probably could have used a little more detail, but it did summarize the three major types of plate boundaries.

As for those of you making comments. Many of you said you should have done this or I would have said that......making comments is where YOU SHOULD say it. If you think something is missing or want to add something, then go ahead and make a comment and add that information. Everyone will benefit from it.

~Cool Teacher Dude

Mr. Sherman's Science Class said...

hey cool teacher dude is right I don't think anybody said what can be change I think they just said it can be change


Mr. Sherman's Science Class said...
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Chelsea said...

I agree with Sqidalina because a little more information WOULD be a little more helpful, but it was still a great post:)