Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Earth Millions Of Years Ago, To Now!

Today and yesterday we learned about Alfred Wegner and his theory years ago. His theory was that Africa and South America were once conjoined. He found this out because He was looking at some old maps and found that they fit together like a puzzle. Many people didn't belive him, but he proved he was right with a thing called "The Continental Drift". It's when the earth's continets move so slowly. We can't feel it though, but the earth is constantly moving. Long ago all the continets were conjoined and were called "Pangaea". It was a supercontinent. Another thing Alfred Wegner found was that fossils from one place matched the other in a different place. It was very interesting to hear about! To learn more, visit this site!


Mr. Sherman's Science Class said...

Nice Job MomoluvsPink!

OK, you know what I thought was interesting? That Wegener is pronouned VEGNER. Cool huh?
We also did that project remember? My group got the 65 million years ago.
What about yall's groups?


Mr. Sherman's Science Class said...

Great post!!
Also for Wegener's evidence, he used geology, climate, and fossils.

Fossils: he found a fossil in western Africa that was in northern South America.

Geology: he found the same exact rocks in one area and the same in another separated by a body of water.

does anybody know how he got evidence for climate?

(also, my group got 420 million years ago)


Mr. Sherman's Science Class said...

Nice job MomoluvsPink,
I thought that it was very interesting how continents move. Also its kinda cool to know that evidence. same fossiles and same rocks..
I do know how he got the evidence for climate though.
When greenland was drifting upwards it had a tropical weather before it went to a colder part. So tropical creatures lived there so they found that creatures fossils. You wouldnt expect a elephant in Greenland would you?=)

P.S :see u all at skool 2morrow

Mr. Sherman's Science Class said...

That is a good post! The only thing that i would recommend is that you include that we had a sheet that we had to fill out with it. That is also a study guide for the test that is coming up. Also that we had to write the voacabulary words down on notecards and quiz ourselves.


Mr. Sherman's Science Class said...

Great post, I really liked how you talked a bout Pangaea and the continental drift. I think it is cool that all the continents used to be connected.


Mr. Sherman's Science Class said...


Excellent post. I did notice that you only said that Africa and South America were once connected, North America, Greenland, and the Europe and Asia continent had also been conjoined. Also a few simple mistakes but some proofreading could have erased that. One more thing I didn't quite get you when you explained the Continental Drift.

Other than those few mistakes that was an awesome post.

Does anybody remember what the Continental Drift is?


Mr. Sherman's Science Class said...

hey momoluvspink I thought it was an awesome post but I think you mist out on what the activity was and that was to put the continwnts back together


Mr. Sherman's Science Class said...

Well bluechicken1 my group was 420 million years ago. I thought that yesterday was fun because, we learned about the crust, mantle, asthenospere, inner core, and the outer core, and espeacially when we did the egg project that was FUN too! To end or continue this conversation... What was your favorite part?

Charles said...

You do so much cool things in school we thought the egg experiment is really cool and sounds like so much fun!

liz and katharine

Charles said...

charles is our teacher we're using his acount sorry about that.

liz and katharine