Monday, August 4, 2008

Procedures and hypothesis for Bubble Lab

Today we started on our Procedures and hypothesis. the coolteacherdude sub. walked us through the procedures we had to figure out what to write but but she demonstrated what to do so we could write it down. The Bubble Lab (for those of you who were not here) is just a simple lab to find out which type of soap would make the largest bubble. One funny thing that happened during class time was that coolteacherdude's sub, every time she poped the bubble she blew some soap hit her. Also today we made a hypothesis for the Lab. Your hypothesis can be about which bubble brand would make the biggest bubble.



Mr. Sherman's Science Class said...

Dingdong1997,Great Post!!!You did a great job. I'm not sure what class you are in, but in my class "mapplebush" blew a bubble that was 20 inches long!It was sooooooooooooooo cool.One thing did anyone rember the chart that we did in class today? Well if you don't hopefully someone does!:)


Ari said...

Hollistergirl97-the chart had 3 trials and we had measured in centimeters.the labels are the trials and the size of the bubble.if im wrong, please correct me.

Mr. Sherman's Science Class said...

HEYYitsagc-You are right!;)I was hoping that somone would know the answer.In my class i'm not sure that everyone got it:( O well i'm sure that they will get it sometime!Dingdong1997 you did a great a wonderful job!!Is it hard being a scribe poster?How long did it take you to write this post?Ihope you are cheking your coments!!!Please reply soon!:)


P.S. Thanks for answering the question HEYYitsAgc:):)!

Mr. Sherman's Science Class said...

Hey guys...great job. DingDong..good post and great comments. I'm sad that there are only 3. I may have to start making this required homework. I hate to do that, but I'd really like to see this thing take off!

Also...those of you who do can get in on a little secret....

I'm going to be with you tomorrow for half of the class!! I'm super psyched to see you guys.

~Cool Teacher Dude

Mr. Sherman's Science Class said...

Cool post! Did anybody else notice that the picture in the post for 8/4/08 was a screen saver for a computer or a laptop.:)

And does anybody remember how to put pictures on a post? It may be my turn soon it may not be my turn soon but I just want to be ready for the unpredicted!!

Please comment( or this could become homework says Cool Teacher Dude)


Mr. Sherman's Science Class said...

Dear Hollistergirl97 it isnt very hard to make a comment all you mostly need is notes of what you did in the class. It took me about 5 to 10 min to complete this post.


Mr. Sherman's Science Class said...

Dingdong1997,thanks for answering my ?.now when Mr.Sherman aks "Who wants to do the blog?"I might acctually raise my hand!Thanks again for responding!:)And thanks for rasing your hand to accutally write this thing and keep it going!
It's a HUGE responsibaltiy.


Mr. Sherman's Science Class said...

Hey Hollistergirl97
That's a really big bubble! :) Our biggest was only 16 cm. Do you mean cm... not in, no offence but that would make more sense. Did anyone do solution C or B? We didn't. But my hypothosis was that I thought C would have the biggest bubble. What did everyone else have? Why?


Mr. Sherman's Science Class said...
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