Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Finishing Procedures and Starting Results

Today in class we finished up our Procedure(if we didn't finish it on Friday of last week) for the Bubble Lab experiment. For the people that are struggling on what the Procedure is... it is the step by step directions for having a successful experiment/Bubble Lab. For example, #1 was(I think everbody has this one) collecting the materials.

The Results of an experiment is the information that you discovered during the Lab and after the Lab. For example, if something affected the results of the Bubble Lab then you would write that down, and you would also put what you found out from the experiment. Like, if you found out that your hypothesis was not supported because Solution X produced more bubbles than Solution Y you would also include that in the Results for the Bubble Lab Experiment.

We(Block 3) started the Results with Solution A and/or Solution B(because there were no more beakers of Solution A).


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