Friday, July 25, 2008


Today in class we talked all about conclusions. The particular conclusion we wrote about was about the Paper Towel Lab. In the template Cool Teacher Dude gave us, it has the standards in what the conclusion needs to have. The conclusion that the whole class did together would be graded an A. Here are the four steps to the conclusion.

  1. First you respond to the hypothesis

  2. Next you reflect on the data.

  3. Third, you identify the independent variable, the dependent variable, and the constants.

  4. Last but not least, develop questions for further study.

When writing the conclusion, you want it to be fluent as if you are writing a paragraph. Make sure that when you are writing about the reflection part of the conclusion then make sure it has to do with the data. Not just some random facts about ponies. Another trick that Mr. Sherman showed us was that in the example he made us all right down, we said the variables for IV and DV without using those words. Another tip to remember is that try to take the data table and cut it down to 2 or 3 sentences. Also when writing the conclusion, make sure that it is not two or three sentences. To get a higher grade than that, you have a right more.


  • Mrs. Russell is BACK!:)
  • For homework this weekend we need to find the high temperatures for any two cities in the United States of America.
  • All our teachers have mostly everything they hand out to us.
  • Check out blackboard every so often
  • PLEASE comment on this blog posting.


Ari said...

hey squidilina!!that post was very informative and it explained everything that we need to know for the weekend!!it was great!


ANIKKI said...

Hey. this post was was very helpful. Can we do a country like france for the temperatures?


Mr. Sherman's Science Class said...

Hey squidalina,
Great post! I loved when you colored the words and put in the picture of the mouse.

I would have put in an example for a conclusion because to me it was a little confusing in the first paragraph. Also maybe throw in the whole scientific method to give people a better idea about where the conclusion is located in the scientific method.

Other than that I loved the post it was awesome!

Was anyone else a little confused?

SWEET POST!!!!!!!!

Mr. Sherman's Science Class said...


Your temperatures need to be from a U.S. City. Plus they don't give you temperatures for an enire country...temperatures are usually by cities or regions.

Squid....great post. I like the way you used color and bolded key words.

Well done! Have a great weekend.

~Cool teacher Dude

Mr. Sherman's Science Class said...

GREAT POST!!!!!!!!! that would be very good information!

Mr. Sherman's Science Class said...

opps frogot to sign!
: )


Mr. Sherman's Science Class said...

WOW!! cool post. also i like that you wrote down the steps to making a conclusion. That was nice. Keep up the good work!!!


Anonymous said...

I liked how you did this, before I read this I was unsure about conclusions but after I read that it came clear to me how to do a conclusion


Mr. Sherman's Science Class said...

Squidilina U did a great job!!!you also had a pretty cool pic.I just have 1 qustion.How long did it take you to do this post about?I hope you are still checking tour coments!Please respond soon!

-Wating Hollistergirl97

Mr. Sherman's Science Class said...

great post it totally would have been helpful to anyone who was absent on friday. Bye the way; Cool picture, I like the rat.
your friend,

Mr. Sherman's Science Class said...

Hi everyone,
This is for hollistergirl97
The post took about 40 minutes. I tried to make it the best it could be.

Mr. Sherman's Science Class said...

Whoops that was Squidalina

Mr. Sherman's Science Class said...

Great post squidilina! I really like the fact you described everything in that post you. See ya tomorrow.